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Downsizing – Don’t wait till you are in your 70’s

Recently my husband and I downsized from our 4 bedroom  3 storey home in Nelson to a small 3 bedroom modular home into a 55+ community close to Balfour. Little did we know at the time, just how much work was involved in this. We had 32 years  full of memories, old books, furniture, dishes,  furniture, ski equipment, a mink stole, and two wedding dresses.

There are so many chapters to this adventure, including the pros and cons of getting your house ready to sell, and the choices between; selling your house, renting it, renting for the long term,  and buying a condo.  The part that consumed me the most was the purging of my possessions.

My house was filled with things including several book shelves of books, and they had to go. Then my closets had to be sorted out into piles of: keep, recycle and garbage. The next was the basement where I kept an variety of boxes of photos, resaleable items for the local garage sale, and items to give to my family. I quickly realized that selling them on Facebook was not an easy task, especially beds, older style furniture and china. Local charities such as your local church will take a huge variety of items, if they are having a garage sale. Used clothing and book stores will take a number of items, but you need to call first to see if they are taking donations.  I ended up giving a number of furniture items to my two kids, and some of my items unfortunately ended up in the dump.

If you are looking to declutter, or downsize in the next couple of years, start now to organize your items and where they will go. It can be an overwhelming experience so take it  a little at a time.

Downsizing- Lunch & Learn

This 1 hour workshop will give you some tricks and tips on how to downsize. You need to start thinking about where you want to live, whether it will be in a condo, apartment, smaller house, or, care facility. When will this be 5 years, 3 years, the time period is important. Do you want to keep doing all your yard work.

Date: Wednesday, Nov 9th, 2022, Time: 12:00 – 1:00

Place: Nelson & District Chamber of Commerce -91 Baker St. Nelson, BC

Lunch provided

Cost: $25.00



Transitioning into retirement can be stressful both emotionally and mentally. We want to help you look at this time as an opportunity to stretch, think outside the box and live life to the fullest. Our mission is to help you to do that, plus navigate a smooth transition from the your work to your ideal retirement. Let us work with you to help you find the right direction, by signing up for one of our webinars, assessments or personal coaching sessions.

What do I do?

Hi my name is Wendy and I am a Registered Retirement coach. I can help you transition from the work world into retirement. My focus is help you create a vision and plan before or after you retire. This plan can be customized for you.

Are you starting to think about retirement? Or some other form such as reboot, reinvent. What is stopping you?

  • 45+ looking to start planning for their retirement?
  • Are you having difficulty with deciding you should stay in your job or retire?
  • Are you feeling nervous, or emotional about making the change.
  • Don’t want to retire, because it will be a big change.
  • Money, afraid you won’t have enough money.
Benefits to having a plan & vision
  • You can prioritize your goals around where you want to live, what you want to do, and who you want to spend your time with. A plan and a vision can help promote positive mental health and creates an investment in your retirement.
  • This is the time to discuss what your greatest fears are, whether it be money, living in a safe place or not spending time with your grandchildren.
  • When you prepare a plan for retirement, you gain peace of mind and confidence.
  • These enable a smooth transition from work to retirement or to an ideal passionate career later in life.
  • These prepare you for the void when work has ended and allows you time for a discussion on community work, or volunteer work. 
Webinars, counselling and assessments

Retirement Webinars

We offer a variety of webinars all year round for individuals, groups and couples. Some of them include: Downsizing, Decluttering, Transitioning into Retirement, Women in Retirement, Health & Wellness, and many more.

Coaching & Counselling

We can help you plan for your retirement.

This can sometimes be a stressful and emotional time. Let us help you get on the right track.


We provide two assessment tools to determine your retirement readiness.

Feedback from these assessments  can help you to determine your retirement readiness and build a comprehensive plan to live your retirement dream.

Life Options Program Retirement Success Program

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