For individuals, couples and groups
Solo Retirees– Understanding the needs of single
and child-free older adults –

This is a 2 hours workshop that covers: supports & social networks for single retirees, the importance of relationships as you get older, the biggest challenge for widowhood is replacing that relationship, living arrangements, living alone and the difficulties, and living with others the the potential benefits. Registration

Wills, Estates & Retirement Planning

This workshop simplifies estate planning, guiding you through the process. Finally, you can get it done, so when the time comes, your wishes will be honored and your family will be well supported.

We will be covering: Representative agreements, Preparing your Executor, Last will and testament, Power of Attorney, Retirement planning. Registration

Decluttering – The Art of letting go -5 Easy Steps

Did you know that clutter can be harmful to your physical health? We accumulate a lot of stuff from our long, well-lived life. Everything from knick-knacks, books, memorabilia and gifts from beloved friends and family. Nobody wants to face the prospect of evaluating a lifetime’s worth of stuff and deciding what they’re bringing to a new home and what they’re leaving behind. The truth is, though, that this process is easier than you might think, as long as you’re committed to cutting the clutter in your life. In this workshop we will talk about: How clutter can be harmful to your health, How piles of newspapers, books and containers can actually put your health at risk, How mold and mildew around the boxes and items in your basement can affect your allergies and asthma, I will show you an easy way to organize your books, keepsakes and valuables, into manageable containers. Registration

Transitioning into Retirement

Are you planning to retire in the next few years. These webinars will help you to:

  • identify what stage of retirement you are in.
  • will help you to think about your vision and create a plan
  • talk and chat with others who are going through the same issues
  • discuss your passions and what you want to do in retirement, work pt time, self employment, or a new passion career.
  • your identity has changed now, how to overcome the change to a new identity.

You can do this with the help of a Registered Retirement coach, Wendy Lacroix. Let’s call this time of renewal, or transition into a new way of life. This informative workshop will discuss why a retirement plan is so critical for preparing you for this major life transition. You will learn the 7 stages in retirement and discover what your new purpose in life will be. Registration

6 Key Strategies for Women in Retirement-

Are you worried about what your financial situation will be when you retire. Find out more about how retirement has changed, get assistance in creating a working plan, and get financial information about what your priorities are for retiring. Registration

Downsizing: The First Step in your Retirement Journey

Are you planning to downsize your home this year? We can help you get started. There comes a time in our journey into retirement when we need to start to think about paring down our possessions and moving into a smaller house, condo or apartment. This workshop will give some tips, and answer some of the questions you may have Registration.


Wendy has a wide ranging knowledge of her subject, and her enthusiasm for it comes across clearly in her seminars. She is very committed to helping her clients find and live their retirement dream.

Chris Chart, Retired Veterinarian, Nelson, BC

Wendy is a professional who is deeply dedicated to her work. Her sincere desire to assist her clients through transitions is genuine and authentic.

Linda Moore,Business Advisor and Coach

Retirement coaching is all about determining your readiness for retirement.