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  • Ready to Retire- Lyndsay Green What your spouse needs to know about the reality of retirement. (Ask how you can get free personal copy) Contact
  • Future Retirement Strategies for Productive People– David & Diane Bond
  • Retirement Rocks– Blas & Compton
  • The New Retirement, Living your Dream – Richard Johnson, PHD- used in my retirement coaching workshops
  • What Color is Your Retirement-Richard Johnson, PHD- used in my retirement coaching workshops.
  • The Ten Lessons– How you can Squeeze all the “Juice” Out of Retirement, by Riley Moynes
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Interesting websites to check out if you are considering post retirement entrepeneurship. – This unique website is full of ideas and resources to launch your second act career.

Rover – this site gives you the opportunity to walk, bord and take care of dogs.

Next avenue -information of what seniors are doing now and what is affecting them.