Are you ready to retire?

Retirement is a time of great change, and a chance to begin an exciting new phase of your life. But like anything done well, it takes planning. While everyone thinks they are ready to retire, not everyone is truly prepared. That’s why Your Retirement Path with Retirement Options has created its retirement readiness assessments, the LifeOptions Profile™ and the Retirement Success Profile™. Feedback from these assessments helps individuals gauge their current retirement readiness and build a comprehensive plan to live their retirement dreams.

Should you take a retirement readiness assessment? Answer these eight short, seemingly straight-forward questions to help you determine if a retirement readiness assessment is right for you. Place a circle around the answer you are choosing.

In retirement, do you have a plan for: Exercising your mind for continued, personal learning? Yes No

Changes in income, health and /or purpose and self-worth? Yes No

Do you know how you will purposefully spend your time with fulfilling activities and interests? Yes No

Do you now have interaction with others to build and maintain enjoyable relationships. Yes No

Are you able to manage family commitments to aging children, grandchildren and parents? Yes No

Do you know where you will reside when you retire? Yes No

Are you making adjustments to ensure a healthy attitude towards your life and retirement? Yes No

If you answered Yes to all the questions and have a score of 7. You are definitely on your way to retirement.

If you answered Yes to over half of the questions, then you still making decisions, and you have made some plans around what you want to do in your retirement.

If you scored yes to 1-4 questions, you are not ready to retire, and need some more time to plan and think about what you want.