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My name is Wendy Lacroix, I am a Certified Retirement Coach. Come walk with me down the path to retirement. I want to help you to plan and create a vision for your retirement, focusing on the mental, physical and emotional aspects of retirement. I can help you to transition into your retirement by assessing what your needs and dreams are.

Retirement can be either an exciting time or a time of depression and emotional upheaval. Think of retirement as a transition into something new, and a time for planning for the next years. Retirement cannot be taken lightly. People are living well past the traditional retirement age, in order to have a fulfilling, happy, and healthy retirement, you need to prepare. Your Retirement Path is one of only a few organizations assisting with this  type of coaching, which is not financial.

By taking one of our assessments, webinars, or even reading some of my blogs, you will start to feel more prepared to step into your new reality.

I started my retirement coaching business after years of working for others as an Employment Counselor and Job Coach.  I enjoy working with people and would like to help you discover new pathways to your personal retirement coaching and counselling.

I have lived in Nelson, British Columbia since 1987 with my two wonderful girls, Angela and Melanie and my husband Bruce. Being an outdoor enthusiast, I enjoy life to the fullest. That means getting outdoors to cycle, hike, ski and garden whenever I can. My husband and I love to travel, and have visited, Cuba, Mexico, Guatemala, Japan, China and many more countries.

I regularly write articles on retirement. Retirement articles in Park Bench newsletter, Nelson Star, and have a regular article on retirement in the Discovery 65 magazine. I created a video on retirement with Nelson Senior’s Society. You can watch the video here.


Diploma in Professional Counselling, Vancouver College of Counsellor Training, Certificate in Retirement Coaching, Retirement Options, Certified Career Development Practitioner, BC Career Development Association


Submitted by Bonnie Holland, Nelson B.C.

            I have known Wendy for many years as we are both members of St. Saviour’s Anglican Church in Nelson. I have always admired and respected Wendy as a community aware person skilled in her caring approach in looking out for others. I know her involvement with the Rotary has been valuable in support of volunteering, especially with youth.

When Wendy wrote the columns in the newspaper about retirement I read every one and often cut them out and made bookmarks, as they have been useful for further reference.  Over the years she has been helping Nelsonites focus and understand the parameters of retirement. I have been actively following her advice and have been decluttering and downsizing many aspects of my life. Last year, my husband and I even sold our wonderful little casita in a pacific coast beach town in Mexico, because it made sense financially and with our ageing concerns, it was the right thing to do! With careful thought we put thousands of dollars into upgrading our mortgage free duplex in Fairview, where we plan to retire in our elder years. In reflection, I am sure that Wendy’s bright light shining on a future reality, helped us make that important decision?

I was grateful that Wendy included me in her email blog and my recently widowed girlfriend and I attended her workshop one Saturday in December 2022. Wendy gave a good session, and offered books for reference. One thing I really liked, is that she offers wisdom by revealing various directions and showing how to answer important questions. She does not tell you what to do, rather she suggests a couple or an individual look at their unique situation, consider the options and she gives the courage to take the steps into a future planned, as best one can. Wendy has gained much knowledge on retirement. Her gentle nature and forth right approach shows her genuine concern to help people look ahead  in their life path.

Chris Chart, Retired Veterinarian, Nelson, BC

Wendy has a wide ranging knowledge of her subject, and her enthusiasm for it comes across clearly in her seminars. She is very committed to helping her clients find and live their retirement dream.

Wendy is a professional who is deeply dedicated to her work. Her sincere desire to assist her clients through transitions is genuine and authentic.

Linda Moore, Business Advisor and Coach

submitted by Sally Glock, Nelson, BC, retired College instructor

I began considering retirement before the pandemic hit. Then last fall after working for over 35 years I retired. I realized this is the first time in my life that I have been presented with a limitless amount of time that was completely unstructured. This was retirement.

I was not sure how to go about preparing for it and then how to plan my life during retirement.

Despite receiving years of advise from my parents and older friends concerning retirement issues I was unable to pull together a well thought out organized plan.  I knew that I needed guidance in order to make my retirement the best years of my life. After all, this was what I worked for!

Having spoken to Wendy Lacroix at a Trade Fair for Seniors I knew she was the most knowledgeable and qualified professional to help me with planning for and living my retirement. At the Trade fair Wendy presented with me a book on retirement planning as a starting point. I have since lent it out to coworkers of mine. Although the book helped me plan some things it was not completely comprehensive. I needed personal customized help.

Looking at what was available for this type of support within Nelson I was happy to engage Wendy to help me construct an organized, progressive plan.

I recently attended a workshop put on by Wendy covering how to evaluate the needs of one’s living space during retirement and make decisions on where and how to live.

  The workshop covered how to declutter, organize and eventually downsize one’s residence for retirement.   I found that Wendy was well organized and comprehensive using herself as an example.    Wendy also provided a forum to discuss the ideas of other participants. Wendy was a person I could really relate to.

Henceforth I look forward to working with Wendy in order to facilitate a customized and practical  retirement for myself.

Sally Glock


I am discovering new wonders along my retirement path. You provided me and my classmates a better appreciation about the possibilities of our third acts. I think I found the “no regrets retirement ” article on your website that you mentioned in class. This was the article I was asking about on the evaluation form. Gary Staples


If your organization is interested in exploring a workshop, presentation  or talk – please get in touch. I offer customized workshops for your organization or groups.

See below for a few of the many places I have been invited to speak, present, and facilitated.

Nelson & District Credit Union, Learning and Retirement, Selkirk College, Nelson & District Chamber of Commerce, Nelson’s Seniors Society, Nelson Library, Castlegar Library.


Vancouver College of Counseling, Retirement Options, Nelson Rotary Club Toastmasters International, Nelson & District Chamber of Commerce, Castlegar Chamber of Commerce

Retirement coaching is all about determining your readiness for retirement.