How to achieve a “no regrets retirement”

May 15/2020.

When you retire, you can do a retirement workshop, that has you complete an exercise, taking you through the six life arenas that will impact your retirement. These six areas are: career, family, relationships, self, spiritual life and leisure.  Many people who retire put all their energy into one or two areas, their career and family. That doesn’t leave much time for yourself, your passions, relationships or leisure.

I recently spoke with a friend of mine and I asked her how retirement was going.

She stated that she wished she had the courage to live a life that was true to herself and not the life others expected of me. Sally had grown up in a culture that only valued careers in medicine, teaching and engineering. She was the type of person that wanted to help others emotionally. She became an engineer at her parents’ request. But many years later when she felt that she could finally do what she desired, she switched careers to become a coach, and she was finally at peace with herself.  In the next decade what talents and skills would you enjoy utilizing? What will make you feel happy and fulfilled?

The second regret she stated was, “She wished that she hadn’t worked so hard, and spent more time with her family. Take a close look at where you are spending your hours. How would you shift your life energy to enjoy your family relationships, hobbies and yourself more in the next decade? What will make you have no regrets about how you spending your valuable time now and in your retirement.